ICSM 2009 Visa Information

Citizens of some countries may require a visa to enter Canada. A complete list of these countries can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. In some cases these citizens may benefit from a letter confirming their participation in ICSM as part of their visa application. Note that ICSM cannot assist participants in applying for or obtaining a visa. It is the responsibility of each visitor to ensure that all of their travel documentation is up to date and complete. For complete information on visiting Canada, including required documents and what to expect when you arrive, please visit the CIC and CBSA websites.

According to IEEE Computer Society policy, confirmation letters for visa purposes will only be issued to speakers/presenters, committee members, or attendees who have paid their registration fee. We are unable to issue letters for spouses or companions accompanying potential delegates. Once your information is verified, the confirmation letter will be sent via email. For further inquiries about confirmation letters, or to request a letter, please contact Melanie Calvert at mcalvert@cs.ualberta.ca.

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