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ICSM 2009

Author Instructions for Final Papers of ICSM 2009

1. Formatting:

Format your paper according to the submission instructions on the conference page.
All final papers must be submitted as PDF and conform to the style guidelines required for IEEE Conference Proceedings. These guidelines are discussed (and templates are provided for them) in the following documents:
  • Formatting Instructions: 8.5" x 11", Two-Column Format (PDF, PS, DOC, LaTeX)
  • 8.5" x 11", Two-Column Format Layout Guide (PDF, PS, DOC) (cross-column figures are allowed).

2. Copyright Transfer:

The ICSM steering committee chose to have IEEE as copyright holder for their proceedings.
Therefore, you have to transfer the copyright of your paper to IEEE, in order to have your paper appear in the ICSM'09 proceedings.
Use the web site mentioned below to electronically transfer your copyright to IEEE.

3. Submission:

  • The deadline for completing all tasks below is July 1, 2009.
  • Exhaustively consider reviewer comments.
  • Your paper must not have page numbers.
  • Check for the maximal number of pages below.
  • The final papers need to be compliant with the IEEE eXplore standard.
    Users of pdflatex should be fine by default. Users of latex+dvips+ps2pdf should make sure that all fonts are embedded, and that only Type 1 fonts are used. Users of other programs need to read the standard and make sure the created PDF file is compliant. Users of Adobe Distiller can download Adobe Distiller setting files.
    For more info, check the help section further down the document.
  • IEEE requires to check your final paper for compliance via the IEEE PDF eXpress web page for ICSM'09.
    In order to get an ICSM account for PDF eXpress, click on "New Users - Click here". Use "icsm09x" as Conference ID.
    Note that your paper will not be included in IEEE eXplore if your paper is not compliant according to IEEE PDF eXpress.
  • Forward your proof of a successful PDF eXpress pass to the following email address: icsm09-proc@googlegroups.com
  • Submit your "Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress" paper (which you received via email from that site) through the EasyChair submission site.
    Log in as author. Click on "Proceedings" in the menu. Click on your paper number in the (new) menu.
    Click on "Submit a new version" on the right.
  • Transfer your copyright using the copyright transfer web form and proceed on the eCopyright web site of IEEE.
    IEEE advised that this process might not work from behind a firewall or proxy. Also, the browser needs to allow cookies.
Page limits:
  • Research papers: 10
  • Industry track: 4
  • Workshops and Panels: 2
  • Doctoral symposium: 4
  • Tool demonstrations: 2
  • Short papers: 4

4. Help:

  • To check if your paper is certified, you can use pdfinfo mypaper.pdf | grep 'Certified by IEEE PDFeXpress'.
    A certified file contains a string like Certified by IEEE PDFeXpress.
    pdfinfo mypaper.pdf | grep 'Certified by IEEE PDFeXpress' && echo Your file is certified
  • To check if your paper has all fonts embedded, you can use pdffonts mypaper.pdf.
  • If your PDF file does not have all fonts embedded, you can produce a PS file, e.g., using latex and dvips, and then convert that PS file to PDF using ps2pdf as follows:
    ps2pdf -dSubsetFonts=true -dEmbedAllFonts=true -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress -sPAPERSIZE=letter mypaper.ps mypaper.pdf
  • You might want to update the file updmap.cfg of your LaTeX installation by changing some parameters as follows:
    • pdftexDownloadBase14 true
    • dvipsPreferOutline true
    • dvipsDownloadBase35 true
    • dvipdfmDownloadBase14 true
If you have any concerns or question about the proceedings, please contact me.

Author: Dirk Beyer

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